What is the Cost of IVF in pratiksha hospital Guwahati

Cost of IVF in pratiksha hospital Guwahati 2020
Cost of IVF in pratiksha hospital Guwahati 2020

Pratiksha hospital basic IVF cost:

Pratiksha hospital IVF cost is minimum and realistic faith is acquired by the victims. IVF is the most favored alternative at this moment to those infertile couples who are wishing to become parents. Guwahati is not as backward as everyone thinks. Guwahati does worry for the infertile couple and shows sympathy towards them. Pratiksha hospital is situated in the center of Guwahati and it is regulated by the number of qualified professionals.

Pratiksha hospital IVF cost is not very expensive because Assam is such a state which involves numbers of families suffering from poverty. Pratiksha hospital has solved more than a hundred cases in a few months with maximum efficiency. IVF is an alternative option for the unsuccessful couple who has tried naturally to conceive. IVF was not acceptable by an Indian society a few years ago but today as the infertility is increasing day by day most of the families have taken the initiatives for IVF.

Pratiksha hospital advanced IVF cost:

Pratiksha hospital IVF cost is feasible for every citizen either national or international. Pratiksha hospital is capable to solve complex infertile cases because they do a proper study of the case and then take the initiatives. Pratiksha hospital attains a very pleasant environment and an entire facility is available inside the hospital. According to the quality of services, Pratiksha hospital is the single hospital offering acceptable cost for every class of people. No one needs to stop dreaming because Pratiksha hospital is every time with you to make your dream successful.

Pratiksha Hospital IVF cost – vary according to the treatment preferred

Pratiksha Hospital IVF cost may vary according to the treatment preferred and treatment varies as per the individual’s contradictions. Pratiksha hospital IVF cost has never been the part of the barrier for the couple wishing to have a baby. The cost matters a lot for everyone because people having low income can’t manage and people having high don’t want to waste by paying extra.

Surprising Pratiksha hospital IVF cost- not offered by any other hospital in Assam

Yes, Pratiksha hospital IVF cost is surprising as compared to any other hospital located in Assam. Today, Pratiksha hospital is the only destination for infertile couples where people can easily achieve their dream. Pratiksha hospital IVF cost doesn’t depend on the quality of services means whatever would be the cost but the quality achieved is excellent.

Pratiksha Hospital is the first hospital in Assam who cares for infertile victims from an economical point of view. Pratiksha hospital attains the entire equipment required by the professionals to diagnose the status of the victims and later to decide the method of treatment suits the victims. There are various factors which make people the victims of infertility and due to those factors, they are not able to conceive and fulfill their dream.

Pratiksha hospital accessible IVF cost:

Pratiksha hospital accessible IVF cost let every people complete their dream to become parents. In every part of India, IVF cost is very expensive and there is the Pratiksha hospital in Guwahati which accepts bargain-basement cost. Pratiksha hospital in Guwahati is one of the most famous hospitals of Assam because not only Indian favors to go there also international prefers.

Reduced Pratiksha hospital IVF cost:

Earlier Pratiksha hospital IVF cost was also expensive but later the owner thought about those who were not eligible to pay such a large amount. Therefore, the cost is reduced to touch the pocket of every individual. In a less amount now you can find happiness for which you were waiting. Pratiksha hospital includes all types of treatment-related to IVF.

Cost of IVF in pratiksha hospital Guwahati 2020
Cost of IVF in pratiksha hospital Guwahati 2020

Pratiksha hospital IVF costWithin the financial means of most people

Pratiksha hospital IVF cost is within the financial boundaries now so, no need to worry about cost just plan and be ready to be called parents. Any organization takes such steps after observing the surroundings and not every organization takes such a nice initiative. Pratiksha hospital in Guwahati is an authorized hospital and it follows the norms of government. So, with a hundred percent trust you can move for treatment.

Pratiksha hospital Guwahati Clinic Address

Clinic Address: Six Mile, Mahapurush Madhabdev Path, Borbari, Guwahati, Assam 781036

Opening Hours

SundayOpen 24 hours
MondayOpen 24 hours
TuesdayOpen 24 hours
WednesdayOpen 24 hours
ThursdayOpen 24 hours
FridayOpen 24 hours
SaturdayOpen 24 hours

Pratiksha Hospital Guwahati Contact Number – 0361 710 1600

For Treatment Visit official Website of Pratiksha Hospital – www.pratikshahospitals.com

I hope you have What is The Cost of IVF in Pratiksha Hospital Guwahati The article would have liked. You can tell me about it by commenting

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Dr. Himanshu Roy Patna IVF Cost, Consultation & Review – Book Appointment

dr himanshu roy patna ivf cost 2020
dr himanshu roy patna ivf cost 2020

Who is Dr. Himanshu Roy?

Dr. Himanshu Roy is the most inspirational personality as well as the only hope for the childless couple. Every individual dream to have their own complete family and Dr. Himanshu Roy is the one who has made numbers of dream successful using his ideas and advanced technologies. As we know there is always someone to back you up. Similarly, Dr. Himanshu Roy has played the same role here for the childless couples.

Dr. Himansu Roy has been in this field for more than 10 years now. He leads an entire gynae department and found the most of the being success under his observation.

Dr. Himanshu Roy Patna fee of the consultation- never disappoint any people either rich or poor

Dr. Himanshu Roy Patna fee of the consultation will never disappoint people because the fee is very reasonable and easily can be paid by every class of people. Also, there is a special treat for those who are not eligible to pay.

Dr. Himashu Roy Patna fee of the consultation is far minimal as compared to any other states of India as well as in other parts of Bihar. So, the fee can never be an issue for those who are planning to consult Dr. Himanshu Roy a lucky charm for the unfortunate childless couple.

Dr. Himanshu Roy book appointment online- to systematize the process of consultation

Yes, Dr. Himanshu Roy book appointment online so that people who are not capable to come then they can plan the appointment accordingly. Book appointment online is for those who don’t have sufficient time so according to their plan they can arrange the appointments and can consult Dr. Himanshu Roy.

DR. Himanshu Roy book appointment online has made life easy for the patients in such a busy schedule.

Dr. Himanshu Roy Patna Contact number- Single way to collect any concern information

Dr. Himanshu Roy Patna contact number is the single way to collect related information such as availability time of doctor, suddenly got any gyane related issues may require emergency services. There is much information which is quite unknown.

Dr. Himanshu Roy Patna Contact number is the initial step to reach and to know the entire process of consultation because initially, nobody knows anything about any places.

dr himanshu roy patna ivf cost 2020
dr himanshu roy patna ivf cost 2020

Dr. Himanshu Roy Patna IVF cost- an alternative way at reasonable cost

Dr. Himanshu Roy Patna IVF cost varies as per the method required by an infertile couple means to depend on cases of infertile couples or individuals. IVF cost is not cheap because it requires more time and advanced technologies to proceed. But Dr. Himanshu Roy is offering such alternatives only for all of the neediest individuals at the lowest cost.

Dr. Himanshu Roy Patna reviewsMakes you more inspired

Dr. Himanshu Roy Patna Reviews will make you feel more inspired because there have been discussed about complicated cases and how he handled that case is very praising and finally got success.

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Right/Left Eye Blinking Meaning For Female & Male – Astrology, Spiritual, Scientific Meaning

Right Left Eye Blinking Meaning For Female
Right Left Eye Blinking Meaning For Female

Eye Blinking auspicious and inauspicious

Friends, your body keeps giving you some indication to identify what is going to be good in your life and when it is going to be bad. In which some different marks of your organs have been used. For example, any signs of left eye blinking and right eye blinking are hidden. Of these, there are different indications for women and separate for men.

What is the meaning of eye blinking

Human beings have such a unique power aware that due to which we can already anticipate the movements coming over us. Which is indicated by our body according to its various organs, such as the blinking of the eye, the blinking of the eye, the blinking of the right eye, the blinking of the two eyes simultaneously, the corner of the nose, the feeling of blinking in the throat.

Know what is the meaning of eye twitching and its importance

Left eye blinking meaning for female

What is the meaning of blinking left eye for female – If twitching the left eye of a female is a sign of auspicious sign in your life.

If the left eye is twitching in all directions then it means that if you are a virgin, then your wedding totals are coming soon.

Right Left Eye Blinking Meaning For Female
Right Left Eye Blinking Meaning For Female

What is the Meaning of left eye blinking for men – Due to twitching of left eye for men, hard work and painful time in your life is coming near.

What is the meaning of blinking the right eye?

What is the meaning of blinking the right eye of women – If a woman’s right eye is blazing, then it is not good for you, it can also be called inauspicious.

What is the sign of blinking the right eye of the men – The blinking of the right eye of the men means that some good news is going to come in your life as if someone is going to get a promotion or any other.

What is the meaning of both the eyes blinking together? (Same for man and woman.)

If both of your eyes are twitching at the same time, then you are going to get an old friend of yours soon so that you have not met enough people.

According to astrology, what happens with eye twitching?

It is very important in astrology. Eye blinking This sign indicates a good or bad effect. Eye blinker is seen by associating it with some future event. We get to know in advance what kind of event is going to happen to us in the future. According to astrology, it is considered auspicious to blink the right eye of men and it is also considered auspicious to blink the left eye of a woman. We can know whether a good event is going to happen or a bad event is going to happen to us in the future. So friends, in this article today, we will tell you the meaning of what happens with a wink. With which you will be able to know the events in the future.

Right Left Eye Blinking Meaning For Female
Right Left Eye Blinking Meaning For Female

The meaning of blinking of the eye: –

1) blinking of the right eye: –

  • In astrology, it is considered very auspicious to blink the right eye.
  • Fissuring of the right eye means the blinking above the eye or the eyelid above the eye.
  • If your right eye is blinking, then the wish of your heart is fulfilled. You can benefit from the money. The desire of your mind, that is, your desire, can be fulfilled.
  • If the upper part of your right eye is twitching then it is auspicious but if the lower part of your right eye is twitching then it is considered an ominous sign. twitching the lower part of your right eye means that you are going to face a crisis.

2) left eye blinking meaning for female

  • According to astrology, it is considered an inauspicious sign to blink the left eye.
  • The blinking of the left eye means that the fist or the eyelid above you is the sign of increasing your enmity with someone. This can increase your enmity and increase your problem even more.
  • But if the area under your left eye is twitching, then it indicates your slander or an estrangement. You may get slander in the future. If you do not find a solution at the same time, then in future you may fall unaccounted for.

So friends, give this meaning to blinking up. So friends, how did you like this article, please tell us by commenting.

Why does the eye blinking up?

Friends, right now we are going to tell you the reason for the blinking of the eye in a scientific way. In this article of ours, we have a medical reason for eye twitching and what is the astrological reason for eye twitching? Have tried to tell you.

Friends, eye twitching is a common thing, because our eyes start twitching due to confusion in the place around the muscles of our eyes. Many times it happens that our eyes keep moving for weeks or even months and we have to suffer a lot due to this, due to this our eyes can become red.

Right Left Eye Blinking Meaning For Female
Right Left Eye Blinking Meaning For Female

So let’s see why the eyes blinking up –

What is the right reason for eye blinking?

  • If you are under more stress then you will see its effect on your eyes, because our body gives us different types of changes due to be under more stress.
  • If you are not getting enough sleep, it may be a common thing for you to have eye twitching. Because if our body is tired, and it does not get rest, then we will have to see different types of reactions in our body.
  • If you are wearing glasses and you are not used to wearing glasses, then this causes tension in our eyes and due to eye strain, we have problems of seeing. Due to this, our eyes can also blink up, so you should always avoid eye strain.
  • If you have a habit of consuming tea or coffee in large amounts, then the amount of calcium in your body increases and this is why our eyes start blinking. If you feel a tear in your eyes, then you should stop the quantity of tea and coffee for one to two weeks, in this way your eyes stop blinking.
  • If you wear a contact lens, then your eyes turn red and you do not remove the contact lens for a long time, you may see the wrong result in your eyes, your eyes may be swollen.
  • If you are having any type of allergy in your eyes like itching in the eyes, then you may have a problem like flushing eyes. Therefore, you should use a good income drop with the advice of a doctor.
  • If there is a deficiency of nutrients in your food, then it can also cause your eyes to flutter, so you should eat good nutrients.

How to treat eye blinking?

Usually, the woman’s left eye flattens, or the woman’s right eye flattens and the man’s left eye flattens, or the man’s right eye flattens, then you should take home remedies for the following eye twitch. By treating it, you can avoid the weakness of your eyes.

  • If your eye is blinking, it means that your eyes are tired and they need rest. So you need to sleep for 8 hours daily, if possible, you can sleep at least 6 hours. If you are sleepy within 6 hours, it can be very painful for you to blinking up your eyes.
  • If the man’s eye is twitching, or the woman’s eye is twitching, then you should immediately start blinking the eyelids out loud and then open your eyes in such a way that it spreads and as much as you can. After spreading the eyes, your eyes will start getting watery. If you are having pain in your eyes while doing this procedure, then you have to stop this process. In a few seconds, your eyes will be fine.
  • If the eye is blinking too much, then you have to massage it under the eyes in a round shape for 30 seconds with the middle finger of your hands. By doing this, your eyes have a retaining effect and the muscles become stronger and the eyes stop blinking.
  • Keep the eyes closed vigorously for 2 minutes and then leave it loose. I have to do it three to four times in the evening, this will stop the cracking of your eyes.
  • If you are getting irritated from blinking eyes every day, then you should keep eyelid lashes for 30 seconds. This gives your muscles a good rest and cleans the iris of your eyes.

So, friends, this was a medical treatment for eye blinking, you can cure your eye blinking with this eye blinking Remedy.

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What is the Cost of IVF in Pakistan?

IVF Cost In Pakistan 2020
IVF Cost In Pakistan 2020

How Much Does IVF Cost in Pakistan

Hello Friends, I hope you all are doing well. Today I am here with a new topic to discuss with you. Yes! Friends today, I am going to tell you about the cost of IVF in Pakistan. First of all, you should know about IVF accurately. So, in this article, I am going to cover all about IVF, IVF cost in Pakistan, and many more.

So, friends, this article is going to be very interesting and informative. That’s why I am requesting you to stay with us till the end. If you skip this article, then you will miss a lot. So, let’s start the journey of new knowledge.

What is IVF?

Well! IVF is a medical treatment and procedure that is well known as In Vitro Fertilization. If you are suffering from infertility disorder due to various reasons, then you can use this method to get your own baby. 

Yes! It’s a fact that IVF cost is a little high than any other treatment. The success rate of this treatment is also good. So, it is quite hard to afford this medical treatment. Though the IVF rate in Pakistan is pretty high, people in Pakistan are getting this treatment to overcome their infertility issue.

It is also a truth that the IVF rate in Pakistan is not similar for everyone. It actually depends on the pathological conditions of the patient. If you need a long time treatment, then you have to pay a hefty amount for this IVF.

What is IVF cost on average in Pakistan?

Well! The IVF cost in Pakistan is pretty high. It is about $3000-$5000. It actually depends on the medical condition of the patient.

Though this charge is variable depending upon a lot of reasons

  • If the medicine is given with fertile injection, then the price will be pretty high.
  • Regular monitoring
  • Collection of the egg.
  • Time taking fertilization activity.
  • Embryo exchange
  • Monitoring lower abdominal activity by Ultrasounds.
  • Blood circulation monitoring which controls the circulation of oxygen as well. 

Variation of IVF Cost in Pakistan

As I already said, the price of IVF is not constant. It depends on various hospitals. Some hospital charges at about $2500. Also, some charges at about more than $5000. If you are suffering from a critical condition of infertility, then you need cycle treatment. For this cycle treatment, you may have to pay a large amount of money.

Yes! The hormonal injections and procedures of IVF are very complicated and risky. Before going under this IVF treatment, you need to know about IVF cost in Pakistan accurately. Otherwise, you may have to face any unexpected charges.

There are a lot of fertility centres that don’t include the cost of medication in Pakistan. If you do IVF from this fertility centre, then you may save some of your money. That would be very beneficial for you.

cost of ivf treatment in pakistan 2020
cost of ivf treatment in pakistan 2020

The Reason behind the Variation of IVF Charges in Pakistan

Well! It is a good question. The reason behind the variation of IVF charges in Pakistan depends on various factors; these are like as follows;

Physical need

It is totally different in different people or couples. If you are suffering from significant fertility dysfunction, then your physical need will be more as compared to a primary fertility dysfunction. So, the price of IVF in Pakistan depends on this physical need.

Genetic Factors

In some cases, this infertility and fertility dysfunction is taken place due to genetic factors. If your father or mother is already suffered from this dysfunction, then the probability of occurring infertility in your generation is also increased.

That’s why, before starting treatment, you should open up about it in front of the expert. That will be really helpful for your further treatment.

Hormonal Misbalance

In most cases, the main reason behind this infertility is the hormonal disturbance. If you are suffering from this disorder for an extended period, then you should tell about this condition to your doctor. To treat this condition, it is essential to give the hormonal injection, and the price of hormonal injection is pretty high.

Administrative charges

The price of IVF in Pakistan is also depending on administration as well. IF you are doing IVF in a High Authority Hospital, then you should have to pay a full charge for that. So, in most cases, the extra cost is given by the Administration of the hospital. So, it is essential to know about the administration’s charge of that particular hospital before starting the treatment.

These are some extra charges which are associated with IVF charges in Pakistan

If you are going under IVF, then these things you should keep into your mind. Yes! These are some factors that are actually needed at the time of In Vitro Fertilization. These factors can influence the price of IVF in Pakistan.

Sperm Donation

First, you have to know about sperm. Actually, these are the parts that actually come up during sexual interaction in men. It combines or, met with eggs and produces Zygote. Over time, this Zygote is converted into a baby. If the number of sperm in the male erection will be less than 1 million/ Cu mm, then it leads to infertility. So, the sperm count in your body is below then this average value, then you may have to take the help of a sperm donor who may charge $500.

Egg Donor

If the number of eggs in a female is lower than the normal, then it is essential to find an egg donor as well. She may charge $1800. The cost of IVF in Pakistan with egg donors would be $5500.

Embryos Donation

Yes! It is one of the most costly systems, and it is also a complicated one. For performing this job, you have to place a well-matured embryo in the uterus. It is one of the most effective processes, as here you don’t take any injection and medicines. An embryo donor in Pakistan may charge at about $3500.

IVF Treatment Cost in Pakistan 2020
IVF Treatment Cost in Pakistan 2020

Who Needs to Come Under IVF Treatment?

It is essential to know this fact accurately. Before coming under IVF, ask these questions to yourself.

Women age should be more than 30

Yes, if your age is more than 30 and, after trying a lot of time, you aren’t able to conceive, then you should come under IVF. It may give you a fruitful result.

If your Husband’s age is more than 40

It is also essential to know your husband’s age. If his age is more than 40, and he is not able to fulfil your dream, then you can come under this treatment.

Pathological condition

As a woman, if you are suffering from any bad pathological condition, then you should avoid In-vitro Fertilization. For them, I would like to advise Surrogacy and take the help of a Surrogate mother. It will be very beneficial for you.

IVF Costing in Pakistani Rupees (updated for 2020)

TreatmentCycle Cost in Pakistani Rupees
Embryo DonationRS. 1,50,000
Micro TesaRS. 2,60,000
Intrauterine Insemination (IUI)RS. 20,000
Assisted HatchingRS. 20,000
Embryo FreezeRS. 20,000 (For 6 Month Storage)
Sperm FreezeRS. 20,000 (For 6 Month Storage)
ICSI CycleRS. 3,00,000
Preimplantation genetic diagnosis (PGD)RS. 3,00,000
IVF Cycles (With Self Egg)RS. 3,10,000
Physiological Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection (PICSI)RS. 32,000
Intra Cytoplasmic Sperm Injection (IMSI)RS. 35,000
Ovulation Induction (OI)RS. 3500
IVF Cycles (With Donor Egg)RS. 4,00,000
PesaRS. 60,000
Frozen Embryo Transfer (FET)RS. 70,000
TesaRS. 76,000
Preparation of Embryo DonationRS. 80,000


Friends, this is all about the cost of IVF in Pakistan. Here we have discussed a lot of things, including the process of IVF, why you should come under IVF, and many more. Friends, I hope you like this article. If you like, then please hit the share button and share it on social media platforms. Stay tuned for the upcoming updates. Thank you for giving me your precious time.

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Dr. Shanti Roy Patna Clinic Fee & Contact Number – Book Appointment Online

dr shanti roy patna book appointment online 2020
dr shanti roy patna book appointment online 2020

Who is Dr. Shanti Roy?

Dr. Shanti Roy is a senior experienced gynecologist in Patna. Dr.Shanti Roy is right now purposely working on the most concern project that is to find out alternative measures for an infertile couple. As Patna is the capital city of Bihar, she has taken the responsibility of entire infertile couple of Bihar as well as other states.

Dr.Shanti Roy has solved many cases by offering surrogacy as well as in-vitro fertilization treatments.

Dr.Shanti Roy Patna fee of the consultation- most economical and suits for the pocket of every people

As Dr.Shanti Roy is herself a female she understands the issues related to female health also and its positive side for females those who have to face monthly period issues, genital related to issues and theses issues are such issues which female are not comfortable to disclose. In such a case, Dr.Shanti Roy is very frank and friendly and not every consultant you can found like her.

Dr.Shanti Roy Patna fee of the consultation is very minimal as compared to other Gynaecologist in Patna. Still, Bihar is very backward in the health sector as well as the poverty rate is also good and it is a negative side, so Dr.Shanti Roy planned to provide minimal fee for such females or such couples.

Dr. Shanti Roy clinic in Patna: situated in the heart of the city

Dr. Shanti Roy clinic in Patna is situated in the heart of city Braj Vesham. Braj vesham is such a locality having very piece environment. Dr. Shanti Roy clinic in Patna is fully well equipped with advanced technologies which assist consultant to diagnose and treat the patients.

Clinic Address: Jogipur, Kankarbagh, Bankman Colony, Patna, Bihar 800026

Opening Hours


Dr.Shanti Roy book appointment online– Offers consultation with sufficient time period

Yes, you can get proper consultation if you will book an appointment online. She will spend more time with you and diagnose properly the case must be justified and for that sufficient time is required. Therefore, book appointment online to avoid traffic.

Dr.Shanti Roy book appointment online is an effective process for the patients coming far from Patna.

Shanti Roy Patna contact numberAssist you to get the entire information about clinics and schedule of the consultant.

Contact number is the basic information which is the demand of every patient so that they can easily contact if they will face any issues in the meanwhile.

Phone Number: 087090 38775

Dr.Shanti Roy Patna reviews:

Dr.shanti Roy Patna is the single consultants who have planned such great services for females as well as an infertile couple. Once there was a couple in Patna not having a child for 5 years and after consulting to Dr. Shanti Roy they got an opportunity to conceive. Treatment offered by her is very fruitful. Dr. Shanti Roy Patna reviews by the patients are very glamorous as she has done her best to consult her every patient with full concentration. She has received an award for the best gynecologist in Patna.

Final Words

I hope you have got all the information related to Dr. Shanti Roy. If you like our given information, then definitely tell us by commenting.

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What Is The Difference Between Surrogacy and Test Tube Baby

What Is The Difference Between Surrogacy and Test Tube Baby 2020
What Is The Difference Between Surrogacy and Test Tube Baby 2020

Surrogacy and test tube Baby are two different processes but the motive is the same to get a baby for an infertile couple, for a single individual who wants to get a child. Surrogacy is started since 1986 when Melissa stern was born and she was refused by the surrogate mother as well as a biological mother to take her responsibility.

Similarly, In 1978, the first Test tube baby named Louise Brown was born in England. Alternative methods of these treatments are only possible because of estrogen which was produced by the pharmaceutical company named Schering kahlbaum and parked Davis. Hormonal activation Medicines also plays an important role in this process.

Difference between surrogacy and test tube baby:

The surrogacy process is the final method to become parents and its final method because when all other methods of IVF treatments are failed then surrogacy is adopted. Surrogacy includes 3 individuals: One is a biological mother; the second is the surrogate and the third biological father. A legal agreement is made between surrogate and biological parents. There are two different types of surrogacy:

  1. Traditional surrogacy
  2. Gestational surrogacy

Here, the surrogate mother needs to give her womb on rent. So, this process is also called the womb for rent. When there is a lack of uterus inside the biological mother then this method plays a vital role. As we know that uterus is home for fetus where it grows and after the period of nine- months surrogate give birth to the baby and the agreement between three of them completed in this way.

Surrogacy is still hard to accept by conservative societies but test-tube baby is easily acceptable in societies because in this process last fertilized womb is kept inside biological mother’s uterus for further development.

Surrogate is kept under the supervision of doctors throughout the entire period time and surrogates are offered foods, clothing, and lodging free of cost.

The process by which a test-tube baby can be obtained is called in-vitro fertilization done in the laboratory. In–vitro fertilization offers to require an environment to healthy sperm and healthy egg. Later normal procedure takes place after placing fertilized zygote inside the uterus of the biological mother. Test tube baby is preferred when a naturally conceiving chance is minimized after a long duration trial. Five different points which let you know the difference between surrogacy and test tube baby are explained below:

  • Test tube baby is preferred most as compared to surrogacy because surrogacy requires lots of legal issues.
  • Test tube baby does not require the third person but surrogacy requires the third individual called as a surrogate.
  • Test-tube babies can be obtained by more than two methods depend on the conditions of victims but surrogacy can be done only by two methods.
  • Test tube baby does not need any legal agreement but Surrogacy is based on a legal agreement between three individuals.

Surrogacy and test-tube baby is still very new to some part of the world. So, people are very confused about both these alternative methods. The test tube baby was named because the fertilization took inside the test tube under the required temperature and conditions.

  • India is the country where the maximum chance of acceptance is of test-tube baby instead of surrogacy.
  • Surrogate is hard to find but Test tube babies just need a proper process to attain success.
  • Surrogacy cost high in comparison to test-tube baby.
  • Nowadays there are various centres across the world from where test tube babies can be acquired.

Surrogacy is accepted only when the chances to achieve test-tube baby are minimized than doctor’s advice for surrogacy which is a little long and legal procedure but surety chance is more there. Earlier there was a very rare success result but nowadays mostly cases are solved. The above-explained Difference between surrogacy and test tube will let people decide for the initiation of alternatives. Western countries still offer expensive cost but there are some parts across the world offering reasonable cost of surrogacy and test-tube baby. Both alternatives are not affordable for the normal class family but soon it will be affordable to everyone.

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How to Increase Sperm Count and Volume?

How to Increase Sperm Count and Volume
How to Increase Sperm Count and Volume

How to Increase Sperm Count and Volume?

In today’s time, Infertility becomes one of the biggest problems in our life. The main reason behind this kind of problem is the lesser number of sperm in the semen. According to a survey of the World Health Organization (WHO), one of six-person in the USA is suffering from this problem. So, it becomes necessary to fight against it. That’s why in this article we are going to discuss all the sperm in the semen. Here we give a spotlight on how to increase sperm count and volume?

What are Semen and Sperm?

Well! Semen is the substance that is ejected out from the penis of a male at the time of sexual intercourse. Sperm is present in the semen. So, this sperm plays a vital role in fertilization. It meets with the eggs and forms Zygote later; this zygote transfers into an embryo. So, here you know the relationship between the sperm and semen.

Infertility Disorder

Well! Infertility is such a disorder that onsets due to a lesser number of sperms. Through an ejection from the penis at about 15 million to 60 million sperms are ejected out. If the number of sperms reduces than 10 million, then the chance of infertility is increased. Yes! The average volume of sperm is about 15 million per milliliter to 60 million per milliliter.

How to Increase the sperm count?

Yes! Changing your lifestyle and good habits can quickly increase the number of sperm count in your body. So, if you adopt these habits, then your sperm number in the semen will surely improve.

Top 10 Tips to Increase the Sperm Count in Male

1. Proper Exercise and Sleep

How to Increase Sperm Count and Volume
How to Increase Sperm Count and Volume – Proper Exercise and Sleep

Adequate exercise and sleep play a vital role in increasing the number of sperms in the body. Actually, the important thing is the Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR). If your BMR is average, then don’t worry. Your sperm count will also be normal. But, in some cases, if your body weight is more than usual, then it may produce an effect on the sperm count. So, the number of sperm in the body may reduce.

Sleep comes under the healthy lifestyle. If you secure sound sleep and become habituate with it and take at about 6-7 hours of sleep, then the chance of this disorder will increase in your body. So, these two facts play an essential role in increasing sperm count in the body.

2. Reduce Stress

How to Increase Sperm Count
Reduce Stress – to Increase Sperm Count

Depression and stress are those things that directly impact your mental and sexual health. Excessive stress is very harmful for developing your thinking. Leave overthinking and talking both are beneficial to improve your health status. Well! Stress also creates an impact on sperm value. The number of sperm in the semen may reduce. So, it is essential to be aware of it. 

If you are suffering from this disorder for a long time, then you should consult with your Doctor. For treating such disorder properly, you can take anti-anxiety or antidepressant drugs.

3. Avoid Some Medicine

How to Increase Sperm Count and Volume
How to Increase Sperm Count and Volume – Avoid Some Medicine

Do you know prescription can produce an effect on the sperm count? I hope you do! Actually, these medicines may reduce the number of sperm in the body. So, if you avoid these following medicines, then the probability of reducing the sperm count will decrease.

  • Antibiotics
  • Diabetes drugs
  • Anti-inflammatory
  • Antipsychotics
  • Steroid
  • Methadone

These are the drugs that directly or indirectly impact on the testis. So, the amount of semen ejection from the penis will reduce. That’s why the sperm count also is reduced. So, to avoid infertility in men should have to avoid these medicines at an early age.

4. Take Anti-oxidant Containing Foods

Well! Anti-oxidant may be defined as a substance that reduced oxidation and subsequent deterioration of the product. If you take anti-oxidant containing foods, then the probability of infertility will surely deduce in your body. The amount of semen ejection will also be increased by eating anti-oxidant containing foods.

  • Vitamin C: Orange, Lemon, Tomato, etc
  • Vitamin D
  • Glutathione
  • I-Carnitine

So, these are anti-oxidant. If you take these substances or nutrients, then you will surely get benefits. Before taking such substances, you can consult with a doctor.

5. Healthy Fat

It is a well-known fact that fat is two types. These are Good fat and bad fat. Good fat is beneficial for our health. It helps to circulate energy to our body with it; it also controls the metabolic function in our body as well. This good or healthy fat contains Omega 3 and Omega 6. These omegas are essential in increasing sperm count in the semen.

These two omegas mean Omega 3 and, Omega 6 has anti-oxidant effects too. So, it also helps to improve metabolic function and other physiological improvements.

6. Vitamin C and Vitamin D Containing Food

Vitamin C has antioxidant action, and it increases the sperm count in the body. If you are suffering from infertility or less sperm count issue, then you should take Vitamin C containing foods or fruits. These are like orange, lemon, and other citrus foods. So, if you take these foods, then your recovery will definitely onset. 

Vitamin D is also a valuable supplement that is present in various sources; these are like liver oil of fishes and other vegetables as well. If you take these substances, then the probability of male sexual disorder will reduce in your body.

7. Taking Alcohol and Smoking

How to Increase Sperm Count
How to Increase Sperm Count – Taking Alcohol and Smoking

According to a Survey in 2016, over 6000 people’s sperm count was reduced due to smoking. Yes! Nicotine has an adverse effect on sperm number. If you continuously do smoking for 8-10 years, then definitely your sperm count will reduce than the average level. That’s why the chances of infertility in your body will increase.

Some habit-forming products and substances are like alcohol, marijuana, and cocaine van lead to reduce your sperm count. It also distracts the metabolic function in your body. So, if you are suffering from such a disorder, then you should avoid alcohol.

8. Ashwagandha (Withania somnifera)

Ashwagandha is an ancient remedy that can treat sexual disorder. From ancient times this medicine was used to treat such disorder. It not only addresses a sexual disorder or infertility issue but also can treat high blood pressure and anxiety issues properly. So, In Ayurvedic Science, this Ashwagandha has a good place in the treatment of this disorder.

If you are suffering from infertility issues, then you can simply buy Ashwagandha from online or any other health food store. Regular taking of this medicine inevitably reduces the chance of Sexual disorder.

9. Environmental Condition

In today’s time, the environment is getting polluted. So, it directly creates an effect on sexual health. It reduces the sperm count in the body. Thus, the probability of infertility will increase in your body. If you are suffering from such infertile disorder, then you should try to stay in a pollution-free place. Otherwise, you can use an air controller in your house to get purified air.

According to a survey of 2015, scientists say that the environment hurts sperm count. A lousy environment inevitably reduces the sperm number in the body.

10. Foods for Improving Sperm Count

Well! Vitamins, minerals, fibers, and ketoses are those substances or nutrients which can increase the amount of sperm in the semen. So, if you want to increase the number of sperm in the body, then you should have to take high sperm-friendly nutrition containing foods. 

Always try to take these foods to increase the sperm count in the semen;

  • Broccoli
  • Ginseng
  • Turmeric
  • Wheat
  • Grain
  • Asparagus
  • Nuts and seeds
  • Walnut
  • Citrus Foods like; Orange, lemon, etc.

Medicines to Improve Sperm Count

If you are suffering from Infertility disorder due to lesser sperm count then you can take this medicine to overcome such issue;

  • Clomiphene
  • Serophene
  • Letrozole
  • Exogenous androgen


Friends, this is all about the top 10 tips to increase the sperm count in males. Here we have covered all the things, including the tips, reasons to reduce sperm count and how to recover, foods to increase sperm count, and Medicines to improve sperm count, etc.

I hope you like this article. If you like, then hit the sharing button and share it on social media. If you have any queries related to this article then feel free to share it with us via comment. Stay tuned for further updates. Thanks for reading.

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    • Interacts with medicine
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    • Obesity

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    • Not in the mood to work

    Drinking beers everyday side-effect impacts on the human body very badly and it’s very hazardous to health. Drinking beer is a trend today in an advanced society. Everyone prefers it either adults or aged. Beer is alright only unless you are taking less quantity else if it is not good if used in more quantity. People believe that a high concentration of alcohol only creates bad impacts on health but the reality is beer also offers a negative effect on health.

    Once the beer is consumed by an individual he/she can face various symptoms like acute headache, lack of water inside the body as he/she prefers to go frequent urination and that is because of beer.

    side effects of drinking beer
    side effects of drinking beer

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    Top 5 Best IVF Centre in Pakistan

    Top 5 Best IVF centre in Pakistan 2020
    Top 5 Best IVF centre in Pakistan 2020

    Are you in search of the top 5 Best IVF Centre in Pakistan?

    Everyone desires to get any services from the top 5 best centre even in daily life also. IVF is an alternative method that requires the best monitoring during the entire period of treatment. IVF signifies in vitro fertilization which is performed on the laboratory basis also the human body is involved. As it is a very important method of treatment and also considered as the second last chance for the infertile couple. IVF is preferred only if the couple has already tried to conceive for 2-3 years and they are not capable to conceive.

    The best IVF centre in Pakistan assists the infertile couple in a proper systematic process. Pakistan is the single destiny for the infertile couple where they can get IVF treatment easily as the very minimum rush is there. Pakistan includes 15-30% infertility whereas India includes 30-40% of infertility. Pakistan is recently considered the most preferred place for the new generation. As earlier IVF was rarely acceptable to Indian society but today as India consists very large population. Similarly, in another hand it consists more infertility rate as compared to any other places.

    Top 5 Best IVF Centre in Pakistan are:

    • Select IVF Pakistan
    • Australian concept of infertility medical Centre
    • Lahore Institute of Fertility and Endocrinology
    • Concept Fertility Centre
    • Saqib IVF Centre and fertility

    The above-mentioned centre is highly rated and attained the highest success rate.

    1) Select IVF Pakistan

    Select IVF Pakistan: It is considered as the most fortunate platform for the couple hoping for a child. It is located in the very known and glamorous area of Pakistan. People across the world take an appointment to get treatment from select IVF. Select IVF is one of the top leading IVF centre. It includes a proficient team.

    Charges – Rs 2,10,000

    Success Rates – 70%

    Website – www.selectivf.com

    Opening Hours –


    2) Australian Concept of Infertility medical centre (ACIMC)

    Australian Concept of Infertility medical centre: It is situated in Karachi Pakistan. Its service is available every day but the expert is available at some specific time. A group of qualified doctors are available there. It has achieved the highest success rate in Pakistan.

    Charges – 2,20,000

    Success Rates – 65%

    Website – https://acimc.org/

    Contact Number – +92 304 1112229

    Address: 116-A BABAR BLOCK, BARKAT MARKET, Near، Babar Block New Garden Town،, Lahore, Punjab 54700, Pakistan

    Opening Hours –

    Thursday8 am–5 pm
    Friday8 am–5 pm
    Saturday8 am–5 pm
    Sunday9 am–3 pm
    Monday8 am–5 pm
    Tuesday8 am–5 pm
    Wednesday8 am–5 pm

    3) Lahore Institute of Infertility and Endocrinology

    Lahore Institute of Infertility and Endocrinology: It is the most sophisticated destiny where you can find every type of IVF treatment and the treatment which would be required to victims is preferred. It is one of the Top 5 best IVF centre in Pakistan. It is the first IVF clinic located in Lahore.

    Charges – 1,50,000 To 2,00,000

    Success Rates – 60%


    Contact Number – +92 311 8381010

    Address – 14, Abu Bakar Block Garden Town, Lahore, Punjab 54000, Pakistan

    Opening Hours –

    Thursday8 am–8:30 pm
    Friday8 am–8:30 pm
    Saturday8 am–2 pm
    Monday8 am–8:30 pm
    Tuesday8 am–8:30 pm
    Wednesday8 am–8:30 pm

    4) Concept fertility centre

    Concept fertility centre: One of the well-equipped centre of Pakistan also offering a very pleasant environment to the victims due to which victims positive vibes from there. A team of urologists, gynaecologist, and obstetricians are available in the Concept fertility centre. Therefore, maximum cases found to be solved.

    Charges – N/a

    Success Rate – 50%

    Website – www.conceptfertility.com.pk

    Contact Number – +92 42 35880831

    Address – 15 C Ghalib Rd, Block C Gulberg 2, Lahore, Punjab, Pakistan

    Opening Hours –

    Thursday9 am–9 pm
    Friday9 am–9 pm
    Saturday9 am–9 pm
    Sunday9 am–2 pm
    Monday9 am–9 pm
    Tuesday9 am–9 pm
    Wednesday9 am–9 pm

    5) Saqib IVF centre and fertility

    Saqib IVF centre and fertility: It is that platform which is the first to use the advanced ideas and technology for infertility. People from every part of the world come to visit here. Most of them have got the desired result. The cost offered by Saqib is very minimum and reasonable.

    Charges – 1,50,000 To 2,00,000

    Success Rate – 50%

    Website – www.saqibivf.com

    Contact Number – +92 311 5645540

    Address: 3-A,Shadman-II, Jail Road,، Service Rd, Shadman 2 Shadman, Lahore, Punjab, Pakistan

    Opening Hours –

    Thursday9 am–2 am
    Friday9 am–2 am
    Saturday9 am–2 am
    Monday9 am–2 am
    Tuesday9 am–2 am
    Wednesday9 am–2 am

    Advantages of Best IVF Centre in Pakistan:

    IVF centre in Pakistan is considered best because they are offering IVF treatment at the lowest cost as compared to countries like the USA, Dubai, and UAE. Not only cost also the impressing success rates. Hopeful couples from the entire world are visiting Pakistan to become parents. Sometimes European countries are not preferred because of the expensive cost which can’t be afforded by every family. Best IVF Centre in Pakistan offers every IVF treatment like ICSI, PICSI, IMSI and all. Pakistan is the platform where couples wishing to be parents can complete their wish without any barrier. As we know infertility is increasing day by day and there are many factors behind it influencing infertility such as lifestyle which is the vital factor, genetic reason. Western countries are rarely preferred by the infertile couple because of the cost.

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